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eXtreme Gammon, version 1.14 release

Posted By: eXtreme Gammon
Date: Sunday, 25 April 2010, at 2:32 a.m.

Hi Everyone,

Version 1.14 of eXtreme Gammon has been released today. By Default eXtreme Gammon will prompt you the new version is available. If you turned off the "check for update" feature. Go to the menu "Help/Check for update".

You can check the detailed change list at http://www.extremegammon.com/whatsnew.asp

For the forums users the change that I think are the most important are:

  • Rollout (including XGRoller and XGRoller+) are much more reproducible. I found the problem in the code that caused the inconsistency. That problem was much more visible in version 1.13. There are still some little difference from one time to another but never more than 0.001 equity. This is due to speed optimizations.
  • Random Seed work differently now: Setting XG to use a random seed (seed 0) will now pick a seed between 1 and 1 billion. This seed will stay the same from one time to another.This will allow Rollout posted to be verified.
  • For high end computer, calibration is made using 5-ply (previously it was using 4-ply). This results in more consistent calibration.
  • Threshold for cube action take the Search interval into account. This will allow to avoid missed cube in rare case (check http://www.extremegammon.com/SearchInterval.asp for more on search intervals)
  • XG now displays winning chances for "No double" and "Double/Take" for cube action in 3-ply or better (before it was showing that only for rollouts)

Michelle and I would like to thank the community for all the feedback, either here or by email. This helps making the program a better tool to enjoy and learn our favorite game, which is, after all, the whole reason of our program.

Your wish list is surely still in our mind. I hope that this update will be the last for version 1.xx and that I can now fully concentrate on the version 2 where we can work on most of your wishes.

Xavier Dufaure de Citres
GameSite 2000 ltd.

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