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Naccel 2 -- post #3

Posted By: Lucky Jim
Date: Tuesday, 12 January 2010, at 9:23 p.m.

In Response To: Naccel 2 -- post #3 (Ian Shaw)

Hi Ian – thank you for your comments which have been very helpful.

I think what was throwing me was whether you had to treat the movement of counters in the home board in a different way because you are then dealing in negative numbers. It looks as if when you shift you always do so according to the criteria you have outlined:

“Shifting men of the same colour will cancel out if you shift: • on opposite sides of the board in the same direction (left or right) • on the same side of the board in opposite directions”

Nonetheless you subtract when you move from say the 1 point to the 6 point as opposed to add when you move from the 11 point to the 6 point. As you say:

“• Shifting men homeward adds to the pipcount: these are moves you need to make with future dice rolls.

• Shifting men backward subtracts from the pipcount: these are rolls you've already played.”

Looking at the results you got for position 2:


– would you mind expanding on exactly where you have moved the counters to so that I don’t misunderstand – I think by “homeward” you mean in the direction of bearing off rather than towards the 6 point but if you could give me exactly where they are going to then I would avoid any misunderstanding. i.e. what configuration do you end up with?


What you say makes sense to me with the one exception that I think you may mean the count of 9 (-5) is equivalent to 8(1)? 9 is the same as 8 (6) so [8 (6) – 8 (-5) = 8 (1)]

(I hadn't thought of operating with a negative pip count until I saw your 9(-5))

This then gives 8 x 6 + 1 = 49 + 90 = 139

Best regards


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