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GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(very long)

Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Wednesday, 25 January 2012, at 3:06 a.m.

In Response To: GIANTS'2012 REVIEW(very long) (Daniel Murphy)

All of the types of data you suggest is available to anyone interested in accessing it.

Chicagopoint.com has the results of every significant tournament for past years -- domestic and international.

One can go to various organization websites for rankings of American, Danish, Japanese, and European players. WBA and other organizations have available data. Iancho's PR data is available.

The serious voter should avail him/herself of all data. However, I think to be a bit lazy and to use the actual candidate suggestions and/or criteria suggestions of another subjects one to the inevitable spin, bias, and perspective inherent, by design or not, in the opinion of another.

If we all wish the Giants voting to be as meaningful as possible from our own individual perspectives -- and I'm confident most all do, then our votes should be our own. Certainly, some voters are not as well-informed as others. But are the results therefrom any worse than the results where a few voters significantly influence the votes of many? I think not.

One post within an infamous sequence of recent posts seems to suggest that the only people actually qualified to vote for the Giants are the Giants themselves. I don't think that is what the vast majority of us are seeking.

Establish your own criteria, do your own research, vote your own mind and conscience, hope and appreciate that other voters are doing the same, and enjoy and be happy with the results. I'm confident all those voted as Giants will be deserving.

None of us will agree entirely with the results -- placement, inclusion, geographic distribution, etc. But all should respect the procedure, appreciate the efforts of the voters and the Committee, and congratulate those cited. It's good for the game.

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