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SURVEY - Backgammon Needs you!

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Tuesday, 5 June 2012, at 2:40 p.m.

In Response To: SURVEY - Backgammon Needs you! (christian munk-christensen)

>> And as has been seen in the Danish Championship this format is perhaps the least fair from a sporting perspective.

>> The way its used in the Danish championship, some players will receive 2 byes along the way (1 of which very late in the tournament which obviously has a huge impact on the equity) while others will only receive 1 bye and some players will not receive a single bye.

>> This format is to be avoided because it can easily produce an odd number of players for the cup-part of the tournament. If the cup would consist of 64 or 32 players, then it would be acceptable to have those byes, but when you're supposed to reach the quarterfinals, then the byes really matter.

I think this was the case the first year the system was introduced. It has later been revised a bit as for the byes, so you can't get more than "one bye difference" between players. The byes always goes to the highest seeded players, and they can elect to use them or pass them on (ie. save for later rounds).

I agree with you that the format could be improved even further, especially going into a cup-finale that is not full/symmetric seems wrong. However, byes were again distributed based on performance in the first round, which seemed to be "sporting".

The special thing about Danish Championships, is that you have geographically distributed qualifiers, with odd number of entrants on different dates, so it's difficult to put together 100% "even for all". If used (the combo format) in a "one event large field" tournament, you could improve it easily.

You could even use a "correction" system (or tiebreak matches) to make sure you end up with 8 or 16 players at the end.

So using DC as a reason for dismissing the "combo" formats seems a bit unjust, IMHO.


(PS: I have NOT been involved in the birth of the current DC system - it was introduced while I was not active in the Tournament Committee)

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