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How I improve my game

Posted By: Mochy
Date: Sunday, 2 June 2013, at 8:39 p.m.

How I improved my game. My reply to a facebook message from unknown backgammon fan who wants to improve his game. I thought it could be applied to many players so I will share here. ALSO "How can I improve my game?" is all time Number one question I get in the tournament.

Hi XXX, thank you for the message. I can't give you a quick effective advice to you as there is no such things in backgammon. However, what I did is studying bg by theme.

There are tons of theme to study. "Opening roll" "Response roll" "Blitz cube action" "Play after the close out (how to avoid leaving shot)" "Bearoff & Race cubeaction" etc etc etc.
Each theme should be small enough to finish in certain time span (otherwise you get bored). Then I wrote down what I found or what I should remember.
After finish the theme, I feel "ok I know at least something in this theme", and that give me confidence.

I don't know how long do you "study" backgammon, rather than "playing & checking errors by bot" but you should spend more time on "study" it.
If you are already expert level your chance of improving just by "playing & checking errors by bot" is smaller than before.

Extra bonus is that you can be as strong as wolrd champion in your studied theme.
When I was 22, I rememberd all the possibility of bear off positions with 3 checkers left and I thought "wow, I am not a strong player but I probablly know this position better than anyone else" and that was great feeling!

Reading book is a great way too as they explain backgammon by their own theme. You should contact Carol Joy Cole who runs backgammon shop in US "Backgammon a la carte". I think she sells book world wide. Her website doesn't look great but she is a great person and basically she has all books. Regards, MOCHY

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