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A chess tournament -- entry fees and prizes

Posted By: Smcrtorchs
Date: Monday, 24 June 2013, at 7:59 a.m.

In Response To: A chess tournament -- entry fees and prizes (David Rockwell)

I believe that the long term good for backgammon and for any game is to look at the interests of the most. It might be that the top players of the pyramid of a game are important for the most players or the opposite might be true. Maybe this is more true in chess than backgammon. I really do not know. If you care for the needs of the most then a few of them will become great players in the long term and in many years that number might be enough to bring back stick.

Personally, I do not care to have many players like Stick at tournaments and while they are welcome, I am sure that there are a lot of people who simply do not care about them. Why should they? It is not that people never saw top experts playing at backgammon. For how many people do you really believe that their incentive to come and play comes from seeing much more top experts play? I am sure there are some, but from my live discussions with players this does not really seem too important for them. They do welcome them, but that is all.

You say that the game loses a much higher percentage of people from the top of the pyramid than from the middle. You do not even mention the bottom and even if the percentage of people that leave from the top is higher, this certainly does not mean that the number of people that leave from the top is higher than those who leave from the middle or the bottom as of course the middle & the bottom are much bigger.

Any game and any country in order to go forwards must take care of its youth. Otherwise there is no future. Think long term and not sort term. Chess, poker etc. etc. are different mainly because they have a much larger bank of players than backgammon and unless backgammon tries to create such a bank with efforts and dedication then nothing will change. Only Mochy probably is trying to promote the game as much as it needs for it to grow. Just sitting around and doing nothing does not help.

I am not criticising anyone here, I am not saying that people should do more about backgammon. Everyone gives whatever he wants and it is his right. I am just saying that according to my belief the reality is than in order for backgammon to grow you need patience, many years and many people to devote their time. Can you do things to bring back those people who care about the game and did devote their time for the game to grow? If yes then this sounds good to me. Otherwise caring to bring back just backgammon celebrities will lead nowhere long term.

You say that levelized prizes will dilute the contribution of people in Masters. Well, is their contribution 100% voluntarily? If not, then it is just their money that will be diluted not their contribution. I am sure after all that if all those people wanted to contribute as much or even more than their entry fee then they would donate that money. Only if someone said do not let them donate money would he dilute their contribution, as contribution is something you give from your heart and not from your wallet.

Again no intend to critisize, just my thoughts out loud.

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