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What would you do in this situation? Match from Montecarlo

Posted By: Fernando Neumark
Date: Tuesday, 20 August 2013, at 9:05 p.m.

I was playing a match from last Montecarlo WC, and this situation happened-

Match to 19 points 1st game: I double, my opponent take, I win gammon= 4-0 2nd game: I double, my opponent pass,= 5-0 3rd game: my opponent double, I take, I redouble,my opponent pass = 7-0

As most of us do, after each game, I say the partial score loudly to check with my opponent, and to avoid any possible troubles. ( I didnīt have a trouble like this before in my more than 20 years of backgammon). After the 3rd game, when I say “7-0” , my opponent said “no, we are 0-5”. When we compare both scores, the difference was in the 1st game, he put 0-2 instead of 0-4 (Curiously the difference between both scores appears after the 3rd game, and not before, as I said, I mention the score after each game”).

From this 1st game, I remembered perfectly that I won 4 points, I took a picture when I double, he took,I remembered exactly the secuence of the following 3 or 4 rolls, and I remembered perfect that I won gammon, because I was surprised he leave me a minimal chance of winning backgammon without contact. My opponent first said he donīt remember when I double, I show him the picture and he change his speech saying he donīt remember he loose gammon. There were no people watching the match . A friend of him who cames to the discussion said it could be equity giving 3 points for this 1st game, so that I would be winning 6-0 instead of 7-0 (my score) and instead of 5-0 (his score). The TD (correctly) said that if we donīt agree, we should leave the decision to the Tournament comitee.After some discussions, although I was 100% I was right, I accept to resign 1 point, and to keep playing with score 6-0, I was in a conversation the day before and a player mentioned about a similar situation, and that in these cases, rules benefits players who are loosing at the moment from the trouble, and I didnīt have the total proofs to demostrate it was gammon.

What would you have done in my situation?I appreciate your feedback.

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