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Make All ABT Tourneys Legal Moves? +2

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Thursday, 31 October 2013, at 5:57 p.m.

In Response To: Make All ABT Tourneys Legal Moves? +2 (MishyPoo)

1) I like legal moves .....simply cause of the word legal. But be aware as a director this past Florida Tournament. I was called over when a player picked up his dice and opponent did not advise him illegal and rolled and moved and then person realized. This makes things a bit complicated. My ruling is irrelevant as they agreed by themselves. This has to be very specific. Anything that can make this game friendlier and fairer I am for.

A) Players and Directors who have been around a very long time who must be respected for their opinions have to be heard. The key here is ABT which is an entirely different entity than the USBGF. The USBGF has been around only four years and personally although a founding sponsor only recently have given respect and a chance to new President Bill Riles. So I view myself new to this organization. I view the USBGF now as a very new entity and for the sake of rule changes they have changed their mission and rules several times, so their power at very least questionable in overall changes (my view). Any rule change that the ABT president is not on board with has to be done fairly. The board was self appointed and as far as I am concerned after Talks with new President he does not make any comparison to old presidents and firmly stated to me. "He is not them, so give him a chance" My position now is support USBGF president Bill Riles.I never did not support ABT President Bill Davis, and on a personal note he never disappointed me. I also realize in politics a President can sometimes only be as good as a supporting cast. A way to big of subject for the sake of this thread. I was asked the time and told you how to build a watch. I am done for now on this subject. ^5 NEAL

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