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2014 ABT Tournaments

Posted By: Stick
Date: Tuesday, 10 December 2013, at 4:33 a.m.

I sent an email out on the 13th of November to all the TDs of ABT events that are listed on the Chicago Point calendar page and will take place by the end of May 2014. In it I asked:

  • What set of rules will you have in place? (ABT, BowerHortonSimborg, Danish, Chiva, etc...)
  • Stance on clocks in the main (Open)?
  • Legal Moves?
  • Baffle boxes and dice tubes?
  • Format of the tournament

It was possible that the web site linked via CP had all this information already documented on it but I wanted to make sure I had the most up to date information and the only way to do that was to contact the tournament officials.

I stated in the email I would make the answers public on these forums. I went through the end of May so the tournaments I tried to contact were New York, Texas, Central States, Ohio, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Chicago. I also believe there may have been another tournament listed from Feb. 21st-23rd, Ed O'laughlin's tournament, but it is no longer listed.

In all I tried to get in touch with 8 TDs about their touranments, it has been almost a month since my original email so plenty of time for them to get back to me in some form, and I have had three replies. This, to me, is plain sad. Ed O'laughlin (Feb. tourney), Bill Riles (Texas), and Lynn were the only ones who replied. Ed and Bill included basically all the information I had asked for. Lynn got in touch but was unable to provide me with anything and after that it probably slipped her mind as I haven't heard from her since. Rory (Chicago) may get a pass. It's entirely possible I talked to him on the phone about it but I forget. That's why you should email me. I need the paper trail, my memory is shit unless it's a backgammon position.

I also noted in the email I would be attending tourneys in 2014 and basing my attendance at least partially on what rules etc... were in place. Maybe they didn't reply because it's me and they figure I basically know what's going on already? I can only guess. What if it was a new player though and they didn't hear back over this span of time. What a turn off to the game. Even if it is me and I'm supposed to know my ass from a hole in the ground, it doesn't make me want to attend or support your tournament in any way. Am I being too hard on them?


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