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Apples and Oranges

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Saturday, 21 December 2013, at 4:49 a.m.

In Response To: Apples and Oranges (phil simborg)

As I said in an earlier post it becomes somewhat of a popularity contest as in any vote. I have created my idea as backgammon as a sport by creating PRO, I would not debate with someone who does not see this as a sport at all. We have created a sport like overtone with the team.

If you were to just use stats , most are not educated enough to vote and have to rely on those who do the work on stats to properly vote. I could not accurately vote on that knowledge. Ray makes Backgammon interesting for me. He is a great backgammon player, a friend, he draws as many as he might offend. There are no backgammon police and this thin skinned is a flaw if you are that.

Online is a gray area for now and would use live stats as the criteria. I have been primarily an online player during my 10 plus years playing and I do not just throw that out without thought. We have some very high ranked online players and I personally would vouch for them. But I also know this could be a flawed concept and although I wish I could believe online was flawless it definitely is not. A select few ruin it for the rest.

Dana definitely deserves a look but not enough to consider for top 10 just yet. Of course with a couple more of those results, you cannot take lightly. He is one to watch for sure.

Malcolm , Neil, Ray, Ed , Rod, Petko etc are statistic locks. Ray loses no points for behavior, get over it as he does. He recognizes it and its fine. Malcolm should land as #1 ....just because, because, because. I do not know the Japanese players enough to rank in my book. I hear all the hype, so be it.

I certainly believe in what people brought to the game unselfishly as a big plus. A Jeb Horton jumps off the page for me here. Bill Davis just has to rank for me although the written criteria does not match...it should. Patrick ? My wife Kathy, I do not know anyone who works harder at making someone have fun with the game. Offers help across the board. Even Petch offers help across the board for technical support. Neil is # 1 player and always there to answer any question. All this other stuff ranks to make it all work.

My suggestion would be to break it down to different Giant categories. What someone has given to backgammon minus what they have gained from it. For instance Phil Simborg has given to backgammon, but the flip side backgammon has been kind to Phil. His popularity would put him high up if this a category. I Have also recognized his lean for growing the game unselfishly has increased. Less chouette and more free lessons would be my example.

I really Like a few sub categories for Giants. Happy Holidays ^5 NEAL

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