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suggests for new XG

Posted By: onur alan
Date: Friday, 17 January 2014, at 11:47 a.m.

In Response To: On the Fifth day of Christmas - 3Rd Roll in OB (eXtreme Gammon)

Hi XG,

I want to suggest you 2 affair for the next XG version,

1) There are zillion of positions rolled out and discussed here. Why dont you collect and load them to the XG like Opening Book?

We know RO is stronger than XG+ analyse, if these positions are on XG's memory and when the same position comes XG wont waste time to reanalyze it. Holding games, bear offs, epcs... occur many times and I am sure sama positions appear several times. And, some positions discussed so clear that even a beginner player understand the merit of it. You should also write some short comments about the positions. If you create a learning tool button, player choose the interested category, open a position try to guess best move and click analyze button, RO result and comment comes. This should be a great improvement and if it is happen one day, all books will become worthless. XG will contains everything. I know it is hard and long working and may be you cant do it alone but it is worth to think about it I guess for future XG versions.

2) This is important for me. Generally I dont play matches or a game till the end. Because I dont want to waste time that I have already know. Opening, bear off, bear in, many easy positions are wasting time for me to play them again and again. My study method is when I read an article, book or interesting position on the forum I set up it and play from the positon only 3-4 moves not to the end. Because I dont understand the position and try to understand it by playing with other dices, but after 3-4 moves it will become another subject of position and I dont want to study it at this time. I want to play position several times but unfortunately I couldnt replay it if I dont play it till the end of the game. This always waste time and I have to play uninterested positions. So, after play 3-4 moves I open the position again and click play from here button again and again. This takes much time. I need to play from position whenever want to play it, not after the end of the game. This saves much of time. I am sure many players study with same method.

I hope to explained my suggestions.

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