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yes and yes and a rules question

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Monday, 5 May 2014, at 2:13 a.m.

In Response To: yes and yes and a rules question (Bob Koca)

First, if everyone has 14 minutes to play a 7 point match, and in my match we go to Crawford at 2away/2away, it is obvious that our match is very likely to go more games and take longer as a result of that rule, meaning that the clock is more likely to be more of a problem for us.

As for agreeing to play NLM in a LM tournament, or visa versa, I don't think either should be legal unless the TD determines to allow it. In both cases, it can cause problems if there is a dispute, as the TD can only apply rulings based on the tournament rules, and not on what the players may or may not have agreed upon. So any time the players make a private agreement they are taking a chance and are at the mercy of the honesty of the other player to live up to the agreement. But a bigger question is where do you draw the line? The players cannot agree to play a match to 7 points in a round that is supposed to be played to 9, but they could get by this by each conceding or losing 2 points at the beginning. Should they be allowed to do that? I don't think so, again, unless the TD gives them permission.

In other words, as much as I like LM, I think a very bad precedent was set when TD's allowed individuals to "bend" the rule to play LM in a NLM tournament. I believe everyone in a tournament should be playing by the same rules, and the TD can make exceptions if he feels necessary. (For example, at midnight if two players want to play to 7 instead of 9 a TD might allow that.)

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