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OLM End of Match

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Tuesday, 24 June 2014, at 6:59 p.m.

Last vote

10 6/2 5/3
2 6/4 5/1

White is The Dilly Builders

score: 2
pip: 119
9 point match
pip: 54
score: 8

Blue is The Prime Factors
Blue to play 42

eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10

The Dilly Builders
The Prime Factors
42 6/2 5/3
53 6/3 6/1
F 43 5/2 5/1
51 b/20 7/6 33 3/0(4)
43 20/16 13/10 33 4/1(2) 2/0(2)
The Prime Factors win the match.
AbbycazNZBob Koca
ah_clemCasper Van der Tak
Cheryl AndersenDaniel Murphy
David RennieFatboy
KonstantinHavard Raddum
Mike Clapsadlekruidenbuiltje
Mr Majestyklenny
roadkillbooksSteve Mellen

I have some preliminary stats to share, but there will be more to come.

First of all, The Dilly Builders had a PR of 0.35, and The Prime Factors had a PR of 0.42. The Dilly Builders won the variance-reduced result by a hair, listed as a 50.41% favorite by XG.

Both teams voted on 51 positions. As best as I can tell, the following players made all 51 votes: On The Dilly Builders: neilkaz and willywonka. On The Prime Factors: Casper Van der Tak, Steve Mellen, and Taper_Mike. The Dilly Builders had a couple of players who fell off the map (Konstantin & Mr Majestyk) and stopped voting... other than those two, everybody easily voted more than half the time, even those who joined a little late. Note: You were considered to have cast a valid vote if you got your vote in before I posted a rollout, even if the match had long since moved on.

I created a metric to analyze the performance of each player (relative to their team) based on their individual votes. I will be posting that data later on, but right now, I'll just tell you that the respective MVPs of each team were neilkaz and Casper Van der Tak.

The other thing I'll be posting is the XG file. It's not ready yet, because I'm still copying and pasting comments from the players into the file as annotations. I hadn't been keeping up with it, so I need to catch up. It will take me another day or so. All rollouts are done.

I'll post a new thread to discuss a new match, let's keep all discussion here relevant to postmortem of this match.


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