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My Postmortem and Thanks!

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Wednesday, 25 June 2014, at 7:16 a.m.

In Response To: OLM End of Match (Jason Lee)

Thanks, Jason, for hosting a fun match!

Here's a shout out to the great players on the Prime Factors! I felt all along that I was one of the weakest players on our team. As captain, therefore, I tried to keep a low profile, and just enjoy the match. It was fantastic to be surrounded by such a strong group of competitors.

One bit of advice, in case there are new teams. I think Jason was right not to pick Backgammon Giants as captains. It turns out there is a certain amount of policing involved, especially as regards the no-consulting rule, so unless a giant is willing to undertake those duties, he may prefer not to be captain. Putting it another way: the best contribution a giant can make to our match is to share his backgammon acumen. There is no need to add on the administrative chores that can be carried out by anyone.

As far as consultations are concerned, my philosophy was to go with the team majority unless I had a strong feeling to the contrary. Only once did I come close to imposing my choice over a majority in opposition. That was in an early game where I announced that you will rarely see a clearer example of a correct slot, and then had half my team miss the play. Fortunately, in the consultation, the majority swung around to my view.

In another consultation, I found myself choosing a play that was not supported by my teammate Stick. I thought his move was just as good as the one I chose, but since the moves were close, I went with the majority. This is a bit misleading, however, because it downplays my role. Without my vote, the 7-5 majority would not have been a majority. It would have been a 6-6 tie. By switching my vote, I could have made the other play, and defended it by saying that I was not opposing the majority! Pretty sneaky, huh? Aw, shucks, I just did what the team wanted.

That's about it. There was no controversy in any other consultation.

Thanks to Michelle and all the rest of the Dilly Builders. In a big way, their contributions made this a rewarding experience. Let me close by reiterating something I said at the start. The unique thing about this match, and to me, the best part, was the sharing of ideas. Winning or losing was secondary.


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