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Advice Sought

Posted By: Bob Koca
Date: Tuesday, 24 June 2014, at 10:52 p.m.

In Response To: Advice Sought (Kathy Weiner)

This sounds a little interesting but there are tons of issues with the rules. There may be some odd situations that you have not foreseen. Also every choouette is different and that may also lead to rules disagreements. There are several places where the rules you have given are downright ambiguous.

1) "A player ‘all in’, may not win more than the amount at risk"

Note that if the captain becomes all in then the captain is playing DMP while the crew is playing with the cube and with gammons and backgammons counting. Are you ready for the screaming when the acepoint game gets backgammoned?

Suppose the box has 10 units and loses 12 via three four cubes. How are those 12 points broken up? Will there be fractional points given or will there be rounding somehow? Similar issues arise for other breakdowns of crew winning various amount of points that total more than the box has.

2) "The committee members will include Stacy Turner, Ray Fogerlund and one to be named later"

They may be busy with rulings. Are they not playing in the event?

3) How are payouts given? Is it winner take all? If there are places paid beyond first how are ties handled? For example are players eliminated in the same round tied or is the first to be knocked out during a round placed at a lower level?

4) "All entrants will be randomly grouped into chouettes ranging from 3 to 6 players by the Director"

That is not really a rule. What decides the group sizes?

5) "Each player must play at least 30 minutes of every session played"

So if a player signs up for a session and is 10+ minutes late it is a forfeit? Or I guess he had better hope that the last game starts a little bit before 40 minutes is up and extends long enough?

6) "first session -- cube out of play • second session – cube at 2"

Do you really mean cube out of play for the first session? I suspect you mean that it starts at 1.

7) "When the box wins a game, he collects from each member of the team." "When the team wins, the box pays off to each team member."

This makes it sound like there is just one doubling cube. With multiple cubes the box possibly pays to some in first case and possibly collects from some in the second.

8) "The Cube: The Chouette Challenge will be played with multiple cubes. Each player will have their own cube. Cube decisions are made without consultation, in the playing order"

So if a crew member wants to double he needs to first ask the captain and those ahead of him to decide first right?

Suppose player is legally consulting on a checker play and says "we should hit because if the box dances we have a strong cube". That to me is explaining why a checker play is correct but could it be seen as consulting on the cube?

9) "If the captain drops out while there are others on the team who wish to play on, the captaincy is assumed by one of these players and the previous captain drops to the bottom of the rotation"

That makes it sound like the players get to pick. Usually though it is net in line of the remaining players.

10) Suppose the box is initial doubled by all the crew at once. Am I correct that your rules allow the box to take just a single cube and if so it need not even be the captain's cube? Note that most choouettes would not allow that.

11) Are settlements allowed?

12) Jacoby rule? Legal moves?

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