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The real vote for the Giant list

Posted By: Stick
Date: Saturday, 28 November 2009, at 2:23 a.m.

In Response To: The real vote for the Giant list (Falafel)

I would like to challenge anyone who would care to play me alive match and bet on the match itself and bet on the error rate. in the process we could each bet on any play against each other that we may choose to. with refusal not being an option

In case anyone considers this, cause Falafel is serious, let me include some of the details he did not. We did something like this in MC when we drew each other in the first round, bet on the ER, bet on who would win the match, bet on who would be the match favorite, and bet on random plays throughout the match. The only difference is that it wasn't a must bet situation as Falafel proposes here.

For the error rate bet it's only 3 ply (SW) or 2 ply (GNU). Betting on the plays throughout the match is required if the other person wants to bet but the difference in plays on the rollout has to be at least .020. One stipulation Falafel brought up that he'd need if taking this bet against myself or probably Nack or Paul for example, no bets on the first X moves where X=~3, though I may get him to negotiate X down to the first 2 moves. I don't feel I should somehow be punished for flat out knowing the opening, on the contrary, it's part of the game and I think I should be rewarded in such a bet because it is a bet to see who is the best overall isn't it? If he takes the bet with a bearoff genius would he ask for the same spot?

As for the amount Falafel is open to roughly any amount.

For example I saw john olaughlins post. who he thinks are his top 10

He meant Ed O'laughlin of course, and not John O'Hagan.

Last thing that I looked into was the results in live events of all the players. i concluded as far as I was concerned I challenge anyone to tell me who has had better tournament results than myself over the last 2 years?

TO figure out who has had the best overall results would be quite a task. It goes without saying Falafel has had some good results this past year and perhaps the last 2 years, I don't know offhand. However, as I've said before, to get an idea of how good those results are one would need to know how many tournaments the individual actually attended, what events they played while there (Open/Jackpots/Doubles) and how well they did. You play as good as Falafel does and you attend a bunch of tourneys your name is bound to be up there for a few of them so determining where the line is that impresses you and where the line is that you'd expect for just a good player is not so easy.

If, as mentioned, Lars Trabolt has only entered two tournaments over the past two years and won the World Championships and got second is that more impressive than Falafel's accomplishments? (I have no idea how many other tourneys Lars has attended over the past two years, just an 'in theory') I'm not going to spend the time to compile a list of what tournaments every player attended, entered, and how they faired, way too time consuming, just something to think about. It feels like my own results have been pretty decent over the last two years but I suffer from the same syndrome, I've been to a lot of damn tourneys so where is the difference between cashing as much as expected and really having a good year or two. (and then we'll just blame variance anyway)

I omitted top players like nack and pjt due to their inactivity on a tournament circle.

I've decided for my own list, if I didn't make it clear already, that people who for me are borderline active/inactive they will not be omitted from my list. Instead, I will knock them down a few slots, depending upon their level of activity in the bg world. This will likely keep players like Nack, Francois, Gus on my list somewhere. I may be alone in my stance but I find Nack 80x more active than Gus because he still regularly does things concerning backgammon even if it's not playing, he's even been sucked into the forums :)

I'm likely to take Falafel up on his challenge sometime next year. It's still hard for me to think past getting back to Ohio but I'm sure we'll cross paths sometime and maybe we'll do something interesting with the matches if possible, stream them live, record and publish, let people know enough in advance to make side bets, I don't know...


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