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Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Saturday, 15 February 2014, at 2:41 a.m.

There seems to be enough interest, so I'm going to moderate a BGO vs. BGO OLM.

If you want to be on a team, say so now. No skill requirements -- just a willingness to vote on plays relatively frequently.

Here are some preliminary parameters I want to establish:

  • There will be some mechanism to choose up teams fairly. I don't know exactly how we'll do that -- this is up for discussion.
  • Players will vote by posting, just as with the OLM in the past.
  • Votes close 24 hours after they are posted. All votes that come in after the next position are posted are void. If 24 hours has passed and I'm ready to post a position, the vote is over. I'm not going to wait around for stragglers.
  • In the event of a tie in voting, I will choose the play amongst those with the most votes by random draw.
  • When feasible, I will move along the match when a play has clinched the most votes. This could result in play moving along very quickly. However, votes will remain open for as long as 24 hours as long as a play has not yet clinched a vote. This means that if you check in once every 24 hours, you can't miss casting a meaningful vote.
  • I will make obvious plays without a vote from time to time. No cube actions will ever be made without a vote. Any team member who suspects an upcoming cube should be voted on might do well to alert me ahead of time.
  • This is NOT a consulting chouette. Team members are expected to cast their votes without looking at other votes, and without consulting a bot. This is enforced by honor. It is permissible to post your opinions about future cube actions when you give your vote -- such things are often germane to checker play.
  • Although this is not a consulting chouette, we are also a community that values the opinions of the players involved. When you vote, please make an effort to offer some commentary. It need not be extensive -- what people have posted in the past in the OLM have been fine.
  • Votes should be stated clearly. We play Legal Moves. If you post a move that is technically illegal but is just a typo, I will accept your vote if I feel your intent was obvious.
  • If I post an incorrect diagram, all votes are void. If I post a correct diagram with an incorrect play sequence, all votes are valid. I maintain an XG file with the play -- that's the official board position.
  • I will post rollouts as best I can. I may withhold rollouts that I think might affect upcoming cubes.
  • If you're not on a team, then you're a spectator. If you're a spectator, you should not comment on the play until after the vote closes. If you think you want to post about the action, you should sign up to be on a team.
  • Depending on how many people express interest, I might limit the team sizes and make a waiting list... then people who sign up but do not actively participate might get replaced.

Stick has generously offered a one hour group lesson to the team that has the best variance reduced result. The analysis will be done by the 4-ply/4-ply rollouts I've been doing. Even if you don't know how VRR works, your goal is simple: choose the play that you think has the best MWC. Weird Koca-like shenanigans won't help your VRR.

In order to participate in the group lesson, you have to actually be an active participant in the match. If you sign up for a team and you're a wallflower, you don't get to reap the benefit of victory.

Match length: Negotiable, but maybe for a first go-around, let's keep it to maybe 7 or 9.

I'd like to start this match in about a week. If you want to play, don't sit on your butt. Get in now.

What you're going to post now:

  • Objections to and suggestions for improvements of the rules.
  • Your desire to be on a team.


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