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The real vote for the Giant list

Posted By: Falafel
Date: Friday, 27 November 2009, at 8:05 p.m.

I ve been looking thru some of the posts here and wanted to respond about the giants list. A bunch of different people made posts on this subject and I was trying to make sense of it all. as for myself I can say I was pleasantly surprised to have been voted number one in 2007,its quite an honor .i personally felt that there were 2 players who could have been easily voted first ahead of me. those were francois tardiue and sander lylloff. thing is over the last few years I have come across and played against all the top players that stick mentions can say that over the last year I played online some very competitive matches against sander where we would bet on who wins and who has the better error rate. i can say that in general I held my own against him, I was really curious to know how much better he is than me, and I would guess that he wanted to show me. against francois, who also like sander, has become a good friend and competitor over the last few years, I only played live in a few live events and in general the error rates were close with him maybe having the upper hand .i think all the matches ,think like 2 or 3 were well played by both.

Over these last 2 years I’ve actually made an effort to participate in as many big tournaments as possible. i ve come across and played against all players ,some stronger than others. in my mind after I play someone I kind of have a good idea of how good one is. i can say that im quite confident of my ability to out due anyone who really dares. therefore I would like to challenge anyone who would care to play me alive match and bet on the match itself and bet on the error rate. in the process we could each bet on any play against each other that we may choose to. with refusal not being an option. i ve been betting in live tournaments with the likes of stick mochy and bob wachtel. i can say with confidence that I put myself out there for the takin. when most of the players that bet me wait to make sure to “lock me up” into abet. but guess what? after all is said and done I more than hold my own even when im “locked up”. its true that I have some weaknesses, as stick points out, but my point is so what?

Can anyone really beat me when push comes to shove?

For example I saw john olaughlins post. who he thinks are his top 10.now john is atrue bg professional and travels and plays in many big events. he records all his matches and his opponenets, I guess that’s how he made his list that got me thinkin abit.if I was to vote,which I do, what criteria would I use? over the years I ve come across some great players, some of whom hardly play today. these players include my good friend abe mosseri from ny, whom not too many players today know, gus Hansen, dirk scheimann and Johannes leverman from Germany and jerry grandell from Sweden .should these players be voted I asked myself. of course I concluded that I cant vote for these players eventhough I know em to be top players because of their inactivity on the bg circuit. so it followers for me anyone who hasn’t “actively”played bg last 2 years should not be voted, at least not by me .next criteria that I used was ones error rate. i ve come across many players that consistently over rate than own error rates. this is easy and convenient to do ofcourse. this is why I made my challenge because it seems to me that stick and others that followed made something that’s somehow clear into something very very complicated. Last thing that I looked into was the results in live events of all the players. i concluded as far as I was concerned I challenge anyone to tell me who has had better tournament results than myself over the last 2 years? even u stick would have a hard time with this one. i don’t even want to mention the world ranking list where I do believe I have the highest rating.

And so with this again I have issued an open challenge to anyone who wants to try and play live and bet on respective error rates and make bets during the match.pls let me know.

As for my top 10?

1.francois tarduie 2. myself. 3. sander lylloff 4. stick rice 5. mochy 6. morten holm 7. neil kaz 8. bob wachtel 9. michy 10.john o hagan

I omitted top players like nack and pjt due to their inactivity on a tournament circle.

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