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Posted By: Mr Majestyk
Date: Thursday, 26 January 2012, at 12:47 p.m.

In Response To: BRITS (Jake Jacobs)

Thanks for the mention, Jake...be it for players 40 years ago, lol. Seriously, I'm not about to kick my fellow compadre's (past & present) in the teeth. In reality however and with the exception of several of our flagship players we are not all that well travelled. Specifically, I'm referring to getting involved frequently in the ABT besides our own backyard. This perception says a lot about US backgammon, does it not?? I'm not just referring to backgammon strength but also to the infrastructure of Backgammon in the US. It would be a cliche for me to list them all; no resentment, rest assured. Envy, absolutely! It is up to us as a Nation to do something about it.

I've read several posts that appear to give "Popularity" a bad press. There are many facets to this charming key word that others have focused positively on but primarily, they are few and far between (good on you if you did, generally speaking). I for one truly believe there is more to being popular than winning. Showing your boatrace at tournments, mingling, networking, making new friends, getting involved in analysis discussions when most have left the room, be a good sport, supporting others, losing with grace and winning with humble pie on your chops and generally being in the thick of things. This is what it is to be popular. Whining about who does/doesn't deserve, I'm better, he's better, she's better, my PR your PR, this criteria that criteria; just doesn't help one single bit!

There is however, one ugly facet; an opaque stench masked in the potpourri of wolves in sheeps clothing. A language from the salt and pepper pot fragranced with undertones of jealousy, disparagement and resentfulness. A dish best omitted from the backgammon menu or sweetened with an aperitif if that's your thang! It most certainly leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

All the best, Jake!


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