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Giants List - Candidates etc...(long)

Posted By: mamabear
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009, at 6:20 p.m.

In Response To: Giants List - Candidates etc...(long) (Stick)

No need for more promotion, Sticky, I'm voting for you...but don't get too excited, I'm voting for MCG also >> And Falafel in first place (I am fed-ex-ing him an ice bag to put on his head, either under or over that backward Yankees cap). His game IMO is the right blend of the technical and the opponent-specific psychological, and I have no doubt he can keep producing the results.

Mochy I agree is top drawer, but I'd like to add here something about his opponent in the MC final, and the winner the previous year: Lars Trabolt. He's been strong for years, both online and in the results columns, and he's getting a vote from me. If any of you used to play on the old Gamesgrid and still have your games archived, look for ones you played with trabi. Yeah, it's the name of that awful East German car, but this "trabi" is no putt-putt!

Another Scandinavian, IMO not as good as Lars but still worth a vote IMO is former world champion and relatively young player Jon Royset.

Shout-outs to Iancho: 1. Why put women in a separate class, even if that one best-seller says we came here from a different planet? If Katja has the talent to be a Giant, please do vote for her...I'd like to see some of her tournament matches some time. 2. Why do you attach so much importance to Snowie error rates from GG (or any other websites)? If I played there as if I had Snowie looking over my shoulder, instead of playing to win matches, I'd have a better error rate but no way would I be rated 1944 (15th on server), and also over 1900 on FIBS and GE. Another factor is that many online players yak and multi-task during their matches, but at a live tourney with money and prizes on the table, "shut up and deal". (One player on the ballot this applies to in spades is Ray Fogerlund--what's the maximum chat windows that server lets you open while you play, Ray? If anyone knows it would be you >>)

Now with that said, I do think error rates matter, and I wouldn't recommend anyone try to learn this game without the help of at least one competent bot-assistant. But the place where error rates are most relevant, IMO is in one's live money-prize tournament matches against strong opponents.

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