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Giants List - Candidates etc...(long)

Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009, at 2:24 p.m.

In Response To: Giants List - Candidates etc...(long) (Stick)

I was surprised to hear about the rumors that some people in Europe are apparently circulating. Iím glad Stick made me aware of it and Iíd like to set the record straight.

My main reasons for not wanting my matches recorded are that I donít want individuals to (a) figure out how to beat me more often, and (b) sell my matches. [I also feel camera-shy and distracted by the presence of an eye in the sky, though presumably I could get past that.]

I realize (a) may seem selfish or even silly, but I am concerned about retaining what little equity I may have left going to tournaments. I would like to think that overall I am generous sharing information and helping people improve their backgammon, but Iíd like to keep a little corner to myself. While I am content with people watching me during the match I prefer that they not play back my games later and dissect them.

Regarding (b), some of my matches have been shared or sold (or shared and then sold) despite promises to the contrary. I no longer want to be put in a position of making a distinction about who might and who might not and hurt someoneís feelings.

[Digression: Iím actually FOR recording. If nothing else, it discourages attempts at dice cheating (at least the kind visible within the board surface area) and it can be used as an aid in resolving illegal play disputes. However, I would like the matches recorded by (or tapes surrendered to) the TD or tournament staff so that s/he would have sole control of the transcripts. S/he would be welcome, encouraged even, to promote backgammon with and profit by them. In the Gammon Million tournament a couple years ago, I was delighted that PartyGammon made all us players sign waivers to that effect. For the most part, tournament directors have a thankless job and I believe match sales, tournament books, etc. (and televising) could be a good avenue for defraying costs or [gasp] even turning a profit. In short, my desire to promote backgammon and help the TDs (without whom we wouldnít have tournaments) overrides my previously stated desire.

I realize that many people may have a different perspective, and I donít really want to debate it here; well-intending people can disagree. I just thought Iíd present the TD-exclusive concept because it might never have been stated on this forum. Now Iíll return to the original reason for this post.]

Half a dozen to a dozen years ago, when games were fast and loose, I played a lot on Gamesgrid (and some on Netgammon). Iíve played a lot less online over the last few years, but from the time I started playing online in 1997 through today Iíve never blocked people from watching my matches or money games. I knew that at times there might be people recording, but I put up with it because the only way to prevent it would be to stop everyone from watching.

The only exception to that is when Iím giving LESSONS: I make those private out of respect for my students. I believe thatís where confusion may have arisen.

I certainly agree with the Europeans that Americans have been overrated on the Giants list, consistently so.


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