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answer to Marry

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Thursday, 19 November 2009, at 8:27 p.m.

In Response To: Giants List - Candidates etc...(long) (mamabear)

"Why put women in a separate class, even if that one best-seller says we came here from a different planet? If Katja has the talent to be a Giant, please do vote for her...I'd like to see some of her tournament matches some time" First i did not separate them i just wanted to make more attention so i put them in one group, also females are so few in bg,so i don't see how better to group it. 2. i don't attach , i jsut give as a number that is very important to judge who is best how it is importants the results and point that i don't force anybody to use this as a voting point,just i want to give max info so people can get their decision easier. Also this is stupid to says that online someone play 5 or 6 and live he play on avg 3. Excuse me but it is ridiculous, why falafel and stick and taridue and few others are playing same level live and online,they are not trying to win or what? and they have rating over 2000. AGAIN I DON'T SAYS THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT,BUT IT IS GOOD WAY TO MAKE SOME POINTS OF WHO IS STRONG OR NOT, CAUSE EVEN THE BEST HAVE SOEMTIMES BAD YEAR AND DON'T CASH... AND THE ER RATE IS EQUAL TO STRENGHT. iN LIVE PLAY U CAN'T FIND 50 MATCHES OF EVERYBODY TO JUDGE HIS AVG, AND IN ONLINE U DEFINATELY CAN. ALSO WHAT U CAN JUDGE FROM 1 MATCH LIVE RECORDED, EVEN 2 OR 3?EVEN INTERMEDEATE PLAYER CAN PLAY ONE MATCH ON 3 ERROR RATE

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