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More Adventures in Blunderland

Posted By: Michael Sullivan
Date: Sunday, 2 June 2013, at 3:30 a.m.

In Response To: More Adventures in Blunderland (David Rennie)

My first thought looking at the position is that with all those spares on white's 5, 6 and 8 points, I really want my back checker out of there to safety before white builds another home board point, so 23/18 looks like an ideal use of my 5. 13/8 does nothing special and we certainly don't want to break the 18 anchor with just about the right timing for a bar point holding game and down in the race.

For 2s, we have 18/16, 13/11 and 4/2. The first two both leave direct shots to put me back under white's blitz gun, and 4/2 puts a dilly builder the only place it can usefully go. That does blot a home board point, but white's reasonably likely not to leave a shot next turn, and even if he does, we have a stronger board, so the blots doesn't hurt us much.

The only candidate I've left out this way would be 13/6 which doesn't seem horrible -- spares on the 6 are always helpful. OTOH, it strips both my outfield points, leaves my back blot under the gun, while 23/18 4/2 gives me a spare on both my key outfield points and leaves nothing in range of a hit right now.

I play 23/18, 4/2 and doubt anything else is all that close. I'll learn something if I'm wrong here.

I'm guessing by the Candyland play, you mean 23/16?

If we were ahead in the race with no safe place to land the back straggler -- say move our checkers on the 18 to our 8, 7 or 5 points -- running might be the right idea: volunteer a shot, but if missed, we're a clear favorite and probably have a big double next roll or the one after it.

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