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Cocked Dice: a Compromise?

Posted By: Colin Owen
Date: Tuesday, 18 June 2013, at 11:14 a.m.

In Response To: Cocked Dice: a Compromise? (Daniel Murphy)

As I reread Justin's (Jason's?) post, he clearly states that he disagrees with being able to stop the clock for any reason, and that only the TD should be able to do this, and rarely.

I recall, a few months ago, a post claiming that the clock is sacred, and if we have to go to the TD to question an opponents action then it should continue to run. To me, it is not the clock that is sacred - it is what it measures: TIME!

For example, a player once started talking to me when I was doing a pip count. He was quite animated about what he said. I regret now asking us to use a clock, as it made the match less relaxed and informal. But his action, innocent as I'm sure it was, made me lose a pip count that I was doing, and cost me around 10 seconds. As I had lost the count I stopped the clock to inform him of the distraction. He made quite a to do of this, and brought it up again at the end of the match.

He was right that stopping the clock for this reason was not one that was specifically listed (though I think that it could be argued that I was contesting his action). But, as his speaking to me cost me my count, and a significant amount of time, I feel he might have felt that it was his behavior that was at fault, and not mine. I have to say that, in the unlikely event that I had done the same to him, I would have suggested that he have 10 seconds of free time. Particularly as we were not required to use a clock at all, and this 10 seconds would hardly be holding up the tournament.

What the clock MEASURES is sacred.

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