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The Calcutta - legalities and a solution

Posted By: Keene
Date: Friday, 11 October 2013, at 9:33 p.m.

In Response To: The Calcutta - legalities and a solution (Rod)

From a directors standpoint, Calcutta auctions are quite interesting. They do generate a small amount of variable rake, however not enough to make a very significant impact on a tournaments finances (an impact nonetheless). If Wisconsin was to do away with the Calcutta auction, then it would need to be replaced with something else, to provide both an income to the tournament, and to provide an interaction with the players.

Thinking about it from a tournament perspective, the Calcutta auction is what draws the players to the playing room prior to the main event starting. Yes, you can have a series of announcements prior to play starting, but what gets the player to attend? Right now, the Calcutta auction does that.

From a players perspective, there are two groups - those that like them and will buy back, and those that dont, and wont - of course there is a 3rd group that go for the entertainment value. Back when Peter Kalba was running Bill D's Calcuttas - that was a reason to attend. Today, sadly, there is no Peter Kalba, or equivalent. My opinion on them is that I like them, but agree that they are flawed, and need to be revamped - as something other than an extended betting or entry fee to the main event. I do believe that something needs to exist to replace them, and that we shouldnt do away with them altogether. Also, you cant just extend out the entry fee, and remove the Calcutta, players wont like that. You cant call it an additional side pool - players wont enter it. There must be some kind of incentive to be involved.

As a historical piece of tournament tradition, it is this player / directors opinion that they need to stay, however, format is up for grabs. History is important. Calcutta's are part of the Tournament experience for many, many players (myself included).

So, if anyone can come up with an interaction between Tournament and Players that is fun, exciting, involving, and entertaining, I am all for it, but please dont remove the Calcutta's just for the sake of starting a tournament earlier.


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