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Ft Lauderdale so farů. Thoughts?

Posted By: Rod
Date: Friday, 18 October 2013, at 3:47 p.m.

Everyone seems nice enough. The place is fine. Restaurant is better than expected.

Now, one issue ft lauderdale specific and the other a recurring problem.

Ft Lauderdale: I played in the pre-tournament last night. $60 entry, $50 side. 16 players. I happened to be at the front during the draw. Somehow, Neal only had 13 cards for the 16 person draw. My opponent was one of the 3 people left to be drawn. Rather than take 3 cards and complete a random draw, I was assigned one of the 3 remaining opponents. I got the vague impression that I got the strongest of the 3 remaining players but couldn't (and won't bother to) validate that - I felt whatever minimal equity difference it just didn't matter enough.

So, what is the proper procedure there and what, as a player, should I or do I have the right to say?

Ok.... Now the recurring problem: spectators who make gestures, gasps, groans, etc that tip players off about bad plays. And I'm not talking about intentional cheating. Simply people who seem unable to restrain from "unintentionally" alerting players about bad plays. Last night I was in the conso semis. It was late-ish and only 3 others were left in the tournament. The finals was happening but maybe 6 people were watching my match. They got quite a show. I misplayed aces - simply didn't look or see. Let's just say the second best play was probably a triple or quadruple whopper. Fine. I can deal (I knew I was making unintentional errors earlier so it wasn't unexpected - if I was that tired in a money game session I'd have called it a night much earlier). However, as I reached for my dice I was alerted to my bad play by either a shrug, facial expression or some murmur from someone. I couldn't respond quite in time - I barely touched one die(barely). I froze. I remember consciously thinking "you touched it - pick 'em up", which I did within less than 2 seconds, literally. Had I been an unethical player it would have been possible to replay the acesů maybe. (Btw, I ended up rolling aces again the next roll, mitigating my lapse. Karma gods at work).

Another player I spoke to had this issue at another tournament . In his case the spectator was a giant and the opponent was alerted before his turn was over and changed his play. I won't say who it was but the disadvantaged player enjoys a sparkling rep. He doesn't believe the giant did it intentionally, nor do I - I can't think of any regular open player who would intentionally do something like that.

But this brings me to the question: what, if it exists, is the solution here? Should players be cautioned in tournament brochures, reminded verbally at the start of tournaments, throughout tournaments, be penalized somehow for breaches of etiquette (how)? It's just very unfortunate that this happens.

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