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Posted By: Stick
Date: Tuesday, 26 November 2013, at 7:06 a.m.

In Response To: Cube and checker play from LV Open Final (Michael Petch)

Now I only watched one game of this match and that game lasted about 10(?) minutes. Overall I'd rate the mechanics good but not up to Jason Lee's ideal world. There was a time or two Dana hit the clock with the checker he was putting on the bar still in his hand. (common) There was a time when Neil used both hands to move the checkers instead of one. A time where Neil didn't play the guy from the bar first. Both of them rolled off the board a time or two. (or into checkers) Neil also cracked his checkers against the dice a couple of times changing what was shown on the die. When he did this the dice had already stopped and everyone had ample time to register what the roll was. That sort of thing is never a problem...until it is.

They did both shake the dice well, rolled vigorously allowing the dice to tumble freely. Moved for the most part hitting the clock with the same hand used to move the checkers. No fast picking up of the dice. No over shuffling of checkers settings up plays and moving them back. I only bring it up because people like Neil and Dana that should have great mechanics to set an example for other players.

What would you rule if a player hit your checker, picked it up, hit his clock, then put it on the bar? Okay...now I know 99% of you are going to rule the checker is on the bar, no surprise. How is Bill Davis going to rule? That's what I'm unsure about and it makes me leave the light on at night. I know if I called Chiva over to make a ruling when my opponent did that he'd tell me to stop wasting his time and be done with it.

I wasn't there and again, I only watched the one game and can make my own guesses and Neil will clarify tomorrow, but I think Neil probably was very frustrated. I haven't put the game in but it seemed to me like he played it pretty poorly missing a couple cubes and being too good at one point, which he clearly knew he was, and then losing that too good. Even his checker play seemed highly suspicious to me this game. Sometimes I have games where I'm not sure where exactly I played incorrectly but I know I did and that frustration may set in if things go wrong. I feel like I caused the downfall instead of the dice.

My guess is the take was a frustrated take. Only Neil knows how he was feeling that day. I remember one time playing Malcolm (prepare for the poker bad beat story) and a position that was completely hopeless for him turned around and he even got in a recube. The recube was a drop for sure, I was behind a roll in a race though I did have a deep take point as it was for the match. I knew it was a pass but I was sick of playing. I was sick of backgammon luck seeming like it controlled the game instead of me controlling it. One way or the other I was ready to be done playing. I talked to David Rockwell after about it, not sure if he remembers.

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