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OLM 20140307A The Prime Factors -- Consultation

Posted By: Stick
Date: Friday, 7 March 2014, at 7:21 p.m.

In Response To: OLM 20140307A The Prime Factors -- Consultation (Jason Lee)

Even though pww (posting while wasted) guy makes an excellent point here's the skinny on why. (and why Mishypoo is really sad, she must know it's right)

The first question to be answered is do we need to hit? If we aren't hitting the obvious play is 9(2) making a nice looking broken six prime with three of the opponent's checkers behind it ... for now. This passive play allows total freedom next roll for the opponent to anchor out [65 64 54] or point on us [31 44 33 11]. That's 11 rolls and nothing else plays particularly well for the opponent by why give him 11 solid rolls when we can take away half his roll (at least) and only leave him a few decent anchoring on the four point numbers?

So I wanted to hit. How to go about it is the next question. 4/3*/2* putting two in the air looked really weak to me. It puts two guys on the bar but creates this huge ugly gap in our inner board that is tough to fill any time soon. Our inner board position reminds me of bad teeth I want to squeeze together with my fingers after that play. We don't have the material in the zone to exactly carry out an attack starting like that.

Now we're down to 7(2) 3*(2) and 10(2) 3*(2). In the early game any time I break the 8pt to make another point I recognize I'm swapping points. I may be making a new point but in the process I'm also giving up the 8pt which is typically a decent point to begin with. Here if we play 7(2) we make the bar, yay, it's a little better, but it's not like the opponent has his men still back on our 24pt. What it really fails to do is bring two more men into the zone pressuring the 4pt for the rest of the game like 10(2) does.

10(2) 3*(2) ...final answer.


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