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Windows XP

Posted By: Michael Petch
Date: Saturday, 8 March 2014, at 3:53 p.m.

In Response To: Windows XP (Bill Patterson)

I'd have to know the company, but it sounds like a scam of sorts. I doubt any company is providing updates to Windows XP to fix security threats since they'd need the source code to do so (and unless it is Microsoft I doubt they do that).

The fact that Windows XP is no longer supported by MS doesn't mean it won't continue to run. You would however need to find a non-Microsoft method of virus protection (AVG is free, and very good for example).

The downside to running XP though will be that you could get infected by malicious websites that take advantages of problems in Internet Explorer (for example) discovered after XP is no longer supported. I'd recommend not using Internet Explorer and moving to something else. Google Chrome browser will support XP until next year. Mozilla Firefox is suggesting they will support XP for quite some time.

Again, I doubt any company offering 169.99 can actually do much. I wouldn't even fathom paying 169.99 a year. Sounds like highway robbery. Even if they are with the BBB, doesn't mean they aren't milking people.

I like Ben's suggestion but if you are using antiquated equipment from 8+ years ago it may not even run the newest versions of Windows. However if your computer does support a new Windows OS I would go that way. For people who aren't tech savvy, upgrading the OS will be beyond their ability by a mile. Find a company locally that does computer upgrades (new OSes) and will copy all of your documents across. The cost of this plus a new OS will be a LOT cheaper in the long run than paying 169.99 a year! (Did I mention highway robbery?) If you are willing to pay that, buying a new low end PC (Asus, Acer etc) might be more fruitful, and many companies (except places like Walmart) will move your files from your old system to a new system for a nominal fee. You can probably find new desktop systems for $300-350 (without a monitor).

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