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another thought

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Wednesday, 9 April 2014, at 9:15 a.m.

In Response To: another thought (phil simborg)

in the pool world where i come from we talk about equipment much more than the BG world seem to. Not sure why??

So i just will mention it here and not start a thread about it. I am pretty excited about something....Not bragging, i'm just so happy-I wanted to share this with everyone. I have the tools now(books, boards, software, computesr and the right people), to get to get my PR a few numbers(decimal points) lower....:P

My real excitement and cause for this post is..... I just received a Taki Board, I waited a long time for Mr. Taki to build it(well worth the wait)i'm VERY HAPPY, its just wonderful. I have been using a top of the line Freistadtler board with purple felt. Its great as well. Pretty lucky to have 2 such nice boards. sadly I haven't played on the Taki board yet(going to break it in this week) yay!!!

Personally I enjoy nice things in life and when I play BG, pool or drive a car i like nice things. Just to share a bit about me with everyone here. And having a good board, dice, cups, cube, etc to me makes playing much more pleasurable. Yes I'd rather play in Mochie's below 4 club with a horrible old board(than play in the PR=30 club with nice equipment) and maybe if I ever do play that well-i will toss aside the good equipment.

Hustling pool(that's over now with camera phones), I won more $$ with a junk cue's on bad table than my good cues on good table. My point is i'm more concerned with learning to play well than buying equipment. However do enjoy both. In a perfect world I'd be flying in my jet(don't have one yet), playing on my Taki Board, drinking Red Bull, playing at a PR of 3.27 on the way to Denmark. ;-))To win of course. That's having it all, and in life that's my goal. Now i hope some people know me a bit better. i'm very nice and friendly-never a snob, and grateful just to be here. I do have hi goals in everything I pursue. And lots of good times getting there. I never lose sight of balancing achievement and enjoying life at the same time. Back to BG, i am looking forward to meeting lots of people from this site this next year.

There sure is lots of nice boards, checkers, equipment available. And it lasts well too. My purple board has been used lots and still looks new. I'm certain the Taki Board will last longer than I will.

Ok back to my studies, enough with the celebration of my nerw board-i am thrilled tho.

kindest regards,


Mr. Phil, I will be contacting you this week, as we discussed recently.

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