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OLM 20140413A The Prime FactorsóDecision

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Tuesday, 15 April 2014, at 5:36 a.m.

In Response To: OLM 20140413A The Prime Factors -- Consultation (Jason Lee)

The Dilly Builders vs. The Prime Factors

Click any move to see the position.

Game 1   9-away, 9-away   Dilly Builders: 51S-54S-42P-61P-33A-F-C-P
Game 2   8-away, 9-away   Prime Factors: 52S-64H-62U-41P-21$-41U-F-N-42P-52C-C-T-41P-31P-31H-32H-F-22N-51S-X-11n-31H-52U-F-R-P
Game 3   8-away, 7-away   Prime Factors: 64S-61P-52U-51H-44P-41A-42H-51S-N-55M-64H-N-F-N-43H-F-C-P
Game 4   7-away, 7-away   Dilly Builders: 63S-42H-41S-61$-41H-54@-55A-F-N-32C-F-32D-55H-42E-32O-61H-43U-63O-53E-65S-21K-63H-N-52U-54R-N-42X

White is The Dilly Builders

score: 2
pip: 106
9 point match
pip: 159
score: 2

Blue is The Prime Factors
Blue to play 42

42X (Hit and split) = 20/18, 13/9*

Unlike some of our previous consultations, I do not have a strong opinion about this one. I can see arguments for both plays. In this case, I was persuaded to change my vote, and make the play the majority of the team voted for.

Bob mentioned a reason for playing 9/7 I had not considered before. There may a cube upcoming, so we may wish to reduce volatility as it approaches. After leaving a slot at the back of the prime, the Dillies will be under pressure to hit back or anchor. Otherwise, we may be cashing. (Almost certainly, we will be cubing.) Does that make it overkill to slot? I decided it does not.

Thanks to all.

A note about Nactation: In the X (Hit and split) family, half the roll is used to make a hit in one of the near-side quadrants, and the other half is used to move a checker on the far side. Nactation uses the word ďsplitĒ just to have a consise name. The action, however, simply describes moving a checker on the far side. That might include making a point (as it does here), or advancing a lone checker. Of course, it can also describe splitting off an anchor.



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