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World V. DK Final Match

Posted By: Robert Wachtel
Date: Monday, 21 April 2014, at 5:06 a.m.

In Response To: World V. DK Final Match (Stick)

Good analysis, Stick.

There was lots more side betting than you were able to catch from the video feed.

For example, our 5-2 on move 8, when we knew that we going to get redoubled, generated a lot of controversy. There was substantial betting on the play: 6-prime vs the safe play we made.

The 5-1 on move 37, which we played under some time pressure and without adequate discussion, was the bomb. Sander was away from the table for some reason and saw us make this play on a video feed. He came running back and announced that the play we made (hitting 2 instead of 3) was ridiculous and that he would take all bets, for all amounts, that our play was right. The World team was reluctant at first, but then people got courage from one another, and money started flying. Sander faded all of the action, which eventually reached around 7,000 euros. Betting against him were Bill, Mochy, Michy, Matt, David, and maybe some others. Falafel, on the other hand, liked Sander's side of the bet and I believe that Sander gave him a nice piece of the action.

Falafel has an interesting opinion about Denmark's redouble. There was a long discussion about it which we were able to understand because the Danes spoke English for our benefit this year. Thomas Kristensen, the Danish captain, did not want to redouble, and asked his teammates to come up with market losing sequences to justify their redouble blood lust. They could not do so, but he was nevertheless outvoted, and did redouble.

Falafel says that although technically incorrect, it was practically necessary for Denmark to double us in because we rated to play the position badly. If they waited a roll to get to a more efficient cube, we might wrongly pass a take and they would lose the golden opportunity to benefit from our incompetence!

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