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Backgammon + The Goldilocks Zone - Define - Rollout - Long

Posted By: Albert Silver
Date: Sunday, 4 May 2014, at 9:38 p.m.

In Response To: Backgammon + The Goldilocks Zone - Define - Rollout - Long (Stick)

It would be great if you could gather the axioms and rules you do remember, or can easily find, and place them in a repository on the main page. I think the information, whether you originated it or not, is invaluable, but stuck in the middle of a forum as a thread, that soon will be buried in the middle of thousand of others for all intents and purposes will be lost.

Your pattern to remember the 7a scores is excellent, and the comment on the Keith Scores (for those who know them) is also. What is your (non) doubling rule for 3a 7a BTW? For the non Giants here, could you clarify what

"Stumbling into the fact that a ton of fourth roll positions have a 65/35 win percentage breakdown assuming [66] was the second roll and the other player rolled nothing special on his turns I'm sure was unique and has paid off for me on multiple occasions."

implies? It is obviously linked to doubling, but perhaps elaborating a bit would help. After a.... 7 year layoff a lot of this is right over my head (might have been when I was playing still too). When writing philosophy papers, one of the basic author rules is to never assume the reader knows anything about what you are talking about.

Regarding the other axioms, I will share what I have hard since I think an intermediate player (what I will call myself at 6.5-7 error rate on eXtreme) is a decent reference of what many will have read or heard, since they are neither too ignorant to not know anything, nor too erudite to have read everything

5-pt: Magriel was the one who pounded that concept like no other, and I believe is the one who coined the term 'golden point'. Having never read others like Crawford or Jacoby, I could be mistaken though.

4-pt: Never heard this rule, but frankly though it fairly obvious.

Covering the ace: eXtreme actually corrected recently me when it told me to make the 3-pt instead and leave the ace, after I had been planning on doing the reverse.

Another axiom for you:

Always hit: in the opening and most early middlegames it is almost always correct to hit an opponent on his side of the board over any other choice. Ex: 5-3 hit the guy on 16 instead of making the 3, and many many others.

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