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Backgammon + The Goldilocks Zone - Define - Rollout - Long

Posted By: Stick
Date: Monday, 5 May 2014, at 4:35 a.m.

In Response To: Backgammon + The Goldilocks Zone - Define - Rollout - Long (Albert Silver)

As Tim aptly pointed out, it's unlikely that I create a separate page for all these beautiful axioms and what not. I usually call it lazy, and it's sort of that with a mix of unorganized tossed in, but neither are really the case. I have too much that I'd like to at some point do with backgammon and everything takes a lot of time.

What I recommend, and some people are likely to have done this already, is go through all the posts here on BGO and bookmark or separate off the best threads and share it with everyone.

The basic rule for 3a 7a and greater scores (3a 8a, 3a 9a, etc...) speaking from the point of view of the 3a player is don't bother to try to find the doubling window in significant contact (gammons, for either player) positions. I don't have the wording perfect but that's the basis of it. As Tim said, as the 3a player your cubes will come when you're nearly broken contact such as holding games and races.

One of my projects is coming through live recorded matches and pulling all the positions of interest. This is very time consuming and gives me a vast library of material to reference. I have been able to save a fair amount of 3a Xa cubes where X is 7 or greater and OtB one or both players clearly didn't understand the score. (unless they were playing the opponent's misunderstanding of the score which is possible and I promote at this score)

As for the fourth roll potential cubes or XX-66B-XX-C sequences being a 65/35 win breakdown, it is useful to know especially when applied to certain scores. You can see the example I remember most vividly in this post.

Be careful when referring to the golden point. When someone says the golden point to me it means the defensive 20pt, not the offensive 5pt.

As for the rule with [11] and making the 4pt it is definitely not obvious to most people. 31P-31P-11? 31P-65R-11? A containment position like this one: XGID=-a---BD-C----B-A---B--cAc-:1:1:1:11:0:0:3:0:10? How about bringing home a holding game with blots involved: XGID=-a-b-BDaB-B-dD--Aabbb-----:0:0:1:11:0:0:3:0:10? I have endless examples that confuse me so I figure they might confuse other people too.

As for your always hit suggestion. In general it's fine. The earlier in the game it is the more likely it is that you will blindly hit. There are a ton of exceptions to this though.


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