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BMAB--I signed up but......

Posted By: Rick Janowski
Date: Wednesday, 28 January 2015, at 11:28 a.m.

In Response To: BMAB--I signed up but...... (Phil Simborg)

Thanks Phil

I accept that there is some logic to what you say but I think you overestimate the overall effect on your average PR. If you adjust your strategy for optimal game winning rather than optimal PR, I doubt this would amount to a difference of much more than 0.3 in a single match, and by no more than about 0.1-0.2 on long-term average PR. All players have a similar problem, and will probably play to maximise winning potential rather than PR. It's not perfect but it is still vastly more reliable than any system that relies only on winning, basically because of the relative order of magnitude between the variances.

Picking and choosing of opponents is something not allowed in BMAB specialist tournaments but was theoretically allowed in the Mochy under 4.0 club rules, though never applied in practice to my knowledge. Such a provision makes it much more difficult and cumbersome to administer or check, and, in the majority of cases, could be potentially insulting to the rejected player, something I think we should always avoid. Not only should Opponent's rights be respected, but also the Opponents themselves, as I am sure you will agree. One other problem with player selection is that it is a subtle form of cherry picking.

If players feel the need to avoid a particular player or stop recording matches because of some illness or fatigue, they may do so but no further matches from the tournament will be treated as rated. They can start and end a sequence but cannot create a break in between unless there are extenuating circumstances, subject to the agreement of a BMAB official at the tournament.

Thank you for your support and for raising these issues. I hope I have managed to explain things well enough from BMAB's perspective.

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