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Do I have a prayer?

Posted By: Michael Sullivan
Date: Saturday, 11 April 2015, at 5:51 p.m.

In Response To: Do I have a prayer? (Phil Simborg)

This doesn't make sense to me. When I play XG, my PR is around 8, but I play on dailygammon and am 100 elo points lower than some players I see playing in int/adv sections of tournaments. For instance, the guy who took second in the recent OH state tournament advanced: Faris Gabbara. I've played him live once and online a couple times, and have no reason to think I am a better player. In online turn-based play, his rating is currently 200+ points higher than mine. Yet he played advanced rather than open/champ. I think I'm in an unlucky spot at the moment, but my all time high is still 80 points below his. It seems very unlikely that he is not a better player, at least as we have played on that site.

I also play occasionally at the Flint MI club. This is a very strong club, but less than half the players there play Open/Championship, and my results for the club are below average. Again I suspect I've had a bit of bad luck there, but there is no good reason to think that I am as good as any of the players who play open regularly, or even that I am the best of the int/adv players. Now, I would guess that both my live play and turn based play are not at 8-9PR, because I have limited live experience, and nearly everyone plays worse at turn based sites. That said, the people I am playing on the turn based sites have the same disadvantages, and many who never play open maintain higher ratings than I do.

I was always given to understand that even the advanced field at larger tournaments had many fairly strong (by amateur standards) players. That you aren't really sandbagging in the lower divisions until you have a 5-6 PR. Is that not accurate? Would people see me as a sandbagger in a second division? I was even considering entering the novice at my first tourney given how I've performed live versus players whose errors I can spot.

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