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Šibenik Backgammon Quiz 2015.

Posted By: Mislav Kovacic
Date: Monday, 14 September 2015, at 8:58 p.m.

In Response To: Šibenik Backgammon Quiz 2015. (Timothy Chow)

Thanks Igor, Timothy and Chase for sharing your results and thoughts. I've decided to cut it down to 10 positions this year because it's a nicer number and also I thought 12 might be bit overwhelming for some people, since the last year's average score was pretty bad.
As I already said, I've tried to select normal, everyday positions for the Quiz but with as many possible candidates in each. Most positions are real and from my own games, or are slight modifications of the positions I've encountered. Also, in all positions (except for the number 7), top move is correct by a pretty large margin, which was also one of my goals when selecting problems for the Quiz. I think this year's Quiz is much more "real" than the last year's which had some tricky and unusual positions thrown in.
Timothy, you are right about the #6, also if you look at the dice distribution ( http://prntscr.com/8gd62p ), after making the anchor and the 3pt White has a very strong double after almost any roll by Black, while hitting gives Black much more room for breathing than it may seem at first sight. I've had this exact position in an important online match (EBIF Champ) and I got it right but it made my brain hurt a bit. I knew instantly it would make a good Quiz position, especially when I later saw that the top move was correct by 0.100 or so. :)
Regarding the solutions I've posted, I've tried to keep them relatively brief so I could print it out to all players during the tournament. There might, of course, be better ways to explain some of the positions so feel free to do so. Btw, you'd be surprised that once again many people got the #7 wrong. I didn't keep the exact statistics this time because I've had tons of work running the tournament.

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