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How best to store reference positions?

Posted By: Matt Ryder
Date: Sunday, 22 November 2009, at 6:06 a.m.

In Response To: How best to store reference positions? (samir)

OneNote is a great package (massively undermarketed by Microsoft), so you've got an excellent solution there. I don't know why it didn't occur to me. That's the way I'm gonna go in the short term.

But just for fun, I'll write my position database program on the side. It's quite extraordinary that the tech-savvy new generation of backgammon players weaned on bots etc apparently don't have such a tool yet.

As an extension of this idea, wouldn't it be cool if there was a website where everybody could share, dynamically search, link, comment on and generate quizzes for BG positions? (I know this forum functions like that, but the positions are all disconnected & rapidly recede down the list into the murk of the archive - or worse - digital oblivion.)

And wouldn't it be cool if an iPhone app existed to enter positions on the fly - and then upload them to such a site? That way we could get real-time positions coming in from tournies etc.

Getting even more ambitious, and given the advanced state of image recognition today, wouldn't it be possible to write an app that analyses digital photographs or movies of gammon and actually translates the positions into a bot-readable form? Then we could snap picks on our phones, send them to a server for automatic bot-analysis and publish them on the internet -- all on the fly! This scenario is less science-fictional than it sounds: apps already exist which can recognise book covers, CD covers etc -- surely a more difficult problem than identifying the relative spatial location of a bunch of uniformly-sized brightly coloured circles on a rectangular surface? Any of you smart people into any of this stuff?

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