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Awarding of a ABT points

Posted By: Joe Russell
Date: Monday, 11 January 2010, at 9:58 p.m.

'personally, I think it non-sensical that the ABT points awarded are linked to the number of places paid -- it should be strictly a function of the number of entrants (should rebuys apply? -- as some tourneys allow and some don't)'- Bill Riles

This is very good question. If you are an average player and you win a tournament that employs re-buys and fills to 64 players, you have accomplished something more difficult, unless you were a re-buy, than winning a tournament with the same number of players without re-buys, especially considering the people most likely to re-buy are the strongest players. I think it would be more fair if ABT points were awarded on the size of the field and not on the number of the entrants. Is that a perfect method? No. Is it more fair? I think so. The chances of a re-buy winning the tournament are not very high and the possible injustice of awarding too many points to someone that received two chances is not nearly as severe as the more likely injustice of awarding too few points to someone that won against a stronger than average full field and only gets credit for the number of entrants.

Since there is no limit upon the number of events that one may play in in any given year when determining the ABT standings, other than the number of events, a re-buy could be considered just another entry in another event. I understand that, going into a tournament, the player that is willing to re-buy has greater chance of winning than the player who doesn't, but so does the player that plays in 15 ABT events over the player that plays in 7.

There are many ways the points could be modified, if that was desired, such as awarding the points for a full field to a non re-buy and awarding the points only form the number of entrants to the re-buy or only awarding a re-buy half the number of points of the full field.

I personally would not complicate things and just award points based on the size of the field and protect against the injustice of too few points being rewarded to a non re-buy, which occurs far more often than too many being awarded to a re-buy.

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