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Awarding of ABT points

Posted By: Joe Russell
Date: Tuesday, 12 January 2010, at 4:14 a.m.

In Response To: Awarding of a ABT points (Joe Russell)

'In this new format you'd clearly give ABT points based on the number of people and not based on the number of qualifier matches played. Why should buybacks work any different. The only difference is the use of the prize pool.'-Rich

Because in the new format everyone would automatically get a second chance. In the buy-back format only a limited few get a second chance.

Any system that is used is fair to everyone. I guess the predominant feeling is that the smaller or shorter duration tournaments need to maintain their historical importance in the ABT points race in order to encourage attendance. While I don't think the current system fairly rewards a player that does not buy-back in a buy-back event and earns points, it over-rewards a player that does buy-back and earns points. Since I am among the ones that will always buy-back when I can, it may be better for me. But is it fair for those that do not buy-back? I don't think so. The non buy-back player that wins a field of 64 in a buy-back event in which there were 41 entrants wins significantly fewer points than a player that gets a bye and wins a non buy-back event in a field of 56, event though he had to win six matches, against stronger competition-his field may include three entries by Stick, and the second player only has to win only five. That is not just.

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