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OLM Th 04/22/10 Start of Match #2

Posted By: Stick
Date: Saturday, 24 April 2010, at 7:10 a.m.

In Response To: OLM Th 04/22/10 Start of Match #2 (Jason Lee)

After your opponent has opened with a 65 and ran 24/13 he has unwillingly chosen a game plan. In all likelyhood he'll be up in the race and given the chance he'll try to turn it in to one. By running the back checker he has forfeited any hope of making an anchor unless he gets another checker sent back thus losing his racing lead. This is one of the reasons it's correct to slot with any non natural (non point making) ace after your opponent runs with 65. [21 41 51]

You realize at the first opportunity your opponent will try to escape his back man so you must play against that unless the dice direct you otherwise. How best to do this with the somewhat lame 52 reply? By bringing two down from the midpoint. The checker on the 11pt acts not only as an extra builder/attacker and man in the zone, but it's a backup for covering your outfield. Some of your opponent's immediate lame rolls, [62 63 54] with either now be played differently or you'll have double coverage at your opponent's blot as it tries to escape.

Two down from the mid also prepares for the bg maxim of 'attack one, prime two'. It is clearly the play that wins the most gammons and also clearly correct at dmp. If you're a freak and happened to know those two things for sure you'd have no question that the extra gammons lost from bringing two down would not make splitting correct. I believe the gammons won/loss trade off is about a toss up meaning if it's correct at dmp to bring two down it's definitely correct at money/most match scores.


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