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Ruling: Two-fer (Part 2)

Posted By: Colin Owen
Date: Saturday, 5 May 2012, at 1:33 p.m.

In Response To: Ruling: Two-fer (Part 2) (Justin N.)

The match should be played to 5 points. Both players had an honest belief that this was so, even though they were wrong. As the match had been shortened rather than lengthened, it does not impact on the tournament schedule.

If the reverse were true, then things are not quite so clear. I had just such an experience earlier this week, in a weekly club event. My quarter-final opponent informed me before the start that it was to 7 points. I believe this was an honest mistake on his part. (It's also theoretically possible that he believed he was the stronger player, and fancied a longer match - though I doubt this!) The match was running behind, partly due to my opponents delayed start to his eighth-final match (to give this round it's proper, albeit slightly nerdish title) having to wait for a non-tournament game to be completed before his match.

Our potential semi-final opponent came over to watch, and noticed that one of us (me) was 5-4 up, yet we were still playing. Had a brief discussion with my opponent. Basically, I agreed that it was 7 points, but as the record 19 player event was now way behind schedule (it was around 11pm) I suggested that we should inform the TD. I would have done this if I was 5-4 down. He said we should carry on with the 7 pointer, which was probably his only option.

As even a weekly club event should ideally be finished on the night, there was perhaps another option available to the Director (though I didn't suggest it to him). This was, that in order to expedite the match and get the event back on schedule, we take the current match equity (at 2a 3a) and use it to create a sudden death, one game situation, that reflected these equities. I think we had started the next game however, further complicating the situation.

Ultimately of course, my opponent and I were both responsible for not playing to the correct match length, and this had contributed to the event running behind. There is an argument therefore, that the 2a 3a equities (combined with an appraisal of the next game equity) could have been used to create an expediting one dice roll situation!

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