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Doubles events - pro / am

Posted By: Keene
Date: Monday, 21 October 2013, at 5:31 p.m.

In Response To: Doubles events - pro / am (Jason Lee)

There is some logic in offsetting the entry fee - but its open to discussion, and certainly its just 'idea' right now, not actual event.

Offsetting the entry fees, is more to give incentive to the open player to enter - what if they are going to sit there and tell the advanced player that play x is better than his play, and explain why, but then they have no final say in decisions - its basically them throwing their money away. If you or anyone else have a suggestion that solves the lopsidedness of the teams, then I'd like to hear it.

For this forum - its mostly open players, what would make you want to enter this event? Clearly the advantage to the Advanced players is that they get to play with an Open player - and hear the logic and reasoning for their play choices - its a fantastic learning opportunity, as well as mingling the classes of players, but whats in it for the Open player? Lower entry fee was my initial thought, but I'm open to suggestions. Also, the two players can make whatever deal they wish regarding splitting the equity, but from an event perspective, once fees are paid, its 50/50.

Other things - I personally like the random drawing of partnerships, so as to create a fairness or equality. For example, I dont think it ultimately matters who Open player plays with to them, but for the Advanced player, then they get the opportunity to play with the Neil Kaz's, the MCG's, the Mochy's, the Falafel's - or really whomever from the Open field has entered.

I want to be able to give incentive to the Open players to participate in this. There exists at least a small divide between the two groups, and I seek to bridge that gap.

As I said, I'm open. It may or may not happen at Wisc 2014, I need to gauge interest, and set it up to be successful. I suspect that offset entries will be OK for advanced players, but I will need enough Open players to want to participate.


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