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My FL situation

Posted By: Rod
Date: Wednesday, 6 November 2013, at 2:34 a.m.

In Response To: If you rule? If you can handle? (long) (Neal Weiner)

By the time I asked for the ruling in game 2, the following had already happened:

My opponent grew visibly agitated after I recubed him and he had to drop in game 1.

My opponent started using his iPad during game 2 and quickly put it down.

My opponent started using his iPad again during game 2 and got irritated at me when I asked that he refrain as I didn't know what he was using on it while the game was ongoing.

My opponent got up in the middle of game 2 to get his cell phone.

My opponent was texting as he say back down at th table.

My opponent then started texting again during game 2 at which point I told him he shouldn't be doing that during a match and tht the appropriate time and place was during a break outside of the playing room.

My opponent then said "fine! I'm taking a break" and got up in a 4 roll 4 roll end of game an left the tournament room.

I made a complaint to the TD about the player's behavior.

The TD went out and told the player that he must sit and finish the match with no further interruption.

The player refused to abide an continued on his call.

The player finally sat back down and proceeded to fast roll me in an visibly "angry" manner. I asked him not to do so.

My opponent fast rolled me a 2nd time and I gave him a look (which he saw "loud an clear")

His 3rd fast roll was 6-6. I was pissed. I asked for the ruling.

I've had people fast roll me time and time again. I've never asked for a ruling. This guy was an ass.

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