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If you rule? If you can handle? (long)

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Tuesday, 5 November 2013, at 8:53 p.m.

If your a Tournament Director and rule fairly based within the rules . If your committee is knowledgeable of said rules and backs you up. YOU Have done your job.

Upon reflection there is always going to be that case that always seem to have a sense of what if or makes one question rules etc etc....Handle it or perhaps not for you. Handle IT.

If you can handle being called to a table and what you see is two sets of dice...Player A on roll has a 1,4 to play with 4 checkers on 1 point and player B has a set of 6s with 3 left..... Player B fast rolled. I made correct call and told Rod what I personally thought of it. However I did my job and had a player leave because of it. I handled it and as a director....if I never had to rule again like that....I would be pleased.

How I handled legal moves as a Player.

My opponent rolled double ones ( I know this is redundant, but best example I have) The score was 9 to 2 mine on cube(I hold). Opponent moves 3 1s and picks up dice. I asked him to move 4th 1 please. When he told me "Cheater" I called over host and got two. Answer ::: no witnesses roll for it. OK Happy ending for me, I won roll and the match.....What if???? Can you handle a match turn cause you cannot win a rolloff? Explain to me how to enforce legal moves when an opponent claims he moved legal. One of us , was not telling the truth and it was not me. Camera, Lie detector? 9 to 2 me holding a two cube and turns out this person is habitual.....Hello.

The old rules in place may have some question (agreed). Based on above example, why change any rule if not for better or for that matter enforceable? ^5 NEAL

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