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Chouette Money Management Equity and PR Issues

Posted By: Keene
Date: Monday, 23 December 2013, at 10:59 p.m.

In Response To: Chouette Money Management Equity and PR Issues (Michael Sullivan)

There's a whole lot of talk about money management etc here.

If playing in a chouette, and being faced with any size of cube, the decision should *always* be based on the technical properties of the position, *not* the size of the cube. If you are adding that in as a part of your decision making process, then you are playing for stakes that are too high.

A friend of mine once said (I paraphrase) that you should always have 100 points in your pocket when you sit down to play in a chouette.

I know that most of us are guilty of using the cube size as a variable (I am, but I try hard not to let it affect me), so really, in practical terms its much more about how high it has to get before it becomes a factor. Personally, I like to be able to make straight decisions on a 16 cube - or whatever amount I may be on the line for in total (deferring to the 100pts rule).

However, when it comes to game management, then given a choice, I may choose to take or drop stronger players, depending on the position. I may (and if you know Carter, replace "may" with "will") gain more equity by dropping Petko, and taking Carter, as Petko wont be able to suggest plays while Carter's making his play choices, so I may gain a series of less than perfect plays - having said that, all respect to Carter, he's almost as likely to get them all right as Petko is.

However, in a realistic chouette, there will be players that I perceive to be not as strong as others, and as such, will be more likely to manage those cubes less aggressively than I would against those that I perceive as strong. Thats to say there will always be something in the back of my mind, and the cost in points will always be a factor. Thats just practical.

Anyway, my point here is, unless you are playing for a stake in a chouette whereby it doesnt matter to you whether you win or lose (financially or mentally), then its just a question of how high the cube has to be before you start negatively managing your cube.

Aside here, I find that if I am playing for a stake that is too low for me, I typically take a whole lot more - just to see the 1 game rollout, and how it panned out. Catch me at the $1 Madison chou's to see my particularly deep take point. There's no experience quite like the actual experience, rather than looking at a bot with a marginal take/pass on the line. I'd rather learn the why of it, and for low stakes, I'll do it the hard way.


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