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Why just eight participants in Texas dual-dual?!

Posted By: Fernando Neumark
Date: Monday, 3 February 2014, at 7:43 p.m.

In Response To: Why just eight participants in Texas dual-dual?! (__1ERROR1__)

The commun goal from bg players who enter a tournament is to win, win all matches they play,win tournament if possible, and the most better players play (ok, lets say low pr), better is.,. Winning a bg match is arrive to the match lenght before your opponent does. I dont want to play in a tournament that maybe although I beat 11/2 (playing a good pr from 3 or 4 )the current Giant 2, former Giant 1 and WC, I get out of tournament. (that was happened to Saba). Pr is a good measure tool to see who play better, personally i prefer "results" as a tool. Of course a player who plays 2 pr will have much better results in the long run,that one that plays 7 or 8 pr, but im not sure that a player who plays 2pr have better results in the long run that one that plays 4pr, there comes more factors to this discussion. I like to play my oppening 4-1 playing 13/9 6/5 everytime, not adjusting to match score,and i dont consider myself a worst player just for this,why i have to change my play style, or to get some "penalty" because im feel most confortable playing so, and not 13/9 24/23? Same to adjust your play to your opponent, that is another tool to get success in backgammon, but in such a tournament you can not use it... Having lot of other interesting side events, why put my money in an event that i dont feel comfortable? Ok, im not a Giant, but i think maybe some of this thougts can be the same as from some Giants, or some non giants but good players. I read some said "hope next year the field is minimum from 16 players"....last year attendance from dual duel i think there were 8 players, same as this...the field from main and from masters was really very strong and numerous...In my opinion that says one thing...Most Players are not interested in playing such an event, and instead of seeing an increasement of number of players, I want see that BG community notice that PR is overrated, a very useful tool, the only technical tool to see if we play good or bad, but not enough to make a torunament based on PR. Make side pools from PR, make private high stakes bet from PR, but it is clear, players dont like to enter in such a tournament. (as everytime i write here, sorry if my english is not as good, is not my primary language)

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