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Posted By: Pat MacNeil
Date: Wednesday, 26 February 2014, at 6:32 p.m.

In Response To: Backgammon vs. Poker (Matt Cohn-Geier)

I love your point about having the WSOB in Vegas with ESPN doing a live feed. It means we've arrived and are on the BIG stage. This is, ultimately, what I'd love to see. We just have to find a way of getting there. Could we ??? Why not. It was done in '07 at the Atlantis resort and was attempted again in 2012. Sadly that venture failed, most probably due to the fact that there weren't enough people that we willing to pony up 10K - 20K. Money doesn't grow on trees (At least that's the prevailing thought) so I fully understand why it didn't fly. But what if we had a major sponsor. I'd be happy to knock on Hugh Hefner's door and see if I could get him to kick in. He's got deep pockets, what are a few bucks to him ? In all seriousness, Matt, I think it really could be done. Nothing is impossible. It just starts with a belief that it CAN be done. I have no doubt others share the same opinion and they HAVE tried. For all their efforts the return just wasn't there at the time and, mathematically speaking, R>=E. I'm not sure if the time is right to go down that road again but we won't know unless we try. Only time will tell if we are successful and chatter will certainly help in that regard.

Pat, I sometimes feel like I'm wearing brown shoes, MacNeil

PS. I think it very important to expose as many people as possible to our game. Going into Colleges and Universities was a GREAT idea and whoever came up with that should be commended. Pre secondary education, be it High School or Elementary, should not go unnoticed too. Recognizing the people that have either MADE a difference, are MAKING a difference or in future WILL MAKE a difference in ANY BackGammon related venture is important, too, because these are the people who are giving selflessly of themselves towards the cause.

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