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as long as there is a winner and a loser

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Monday, 31 March 2014, at 6:08 p.m.

In Response To: as long as there is a winner and a loser (garyo)

I agree its way over done, but so are many ideas in the media. How many murder shows are there on TV or police shows?? etc same in the movies, way to many. Sadly it sells and continues to sell, ergo my first post about action-i'm sick of it myself, i just know it works on TV. The exchange of $$$ the pressure it puts on the players. Its instant drama, same as a guy shoving a gun in a guys face in a movie-its a fast way to create interest from the audience.

When I answered Zoe, I did so in a way that she could create a documentary that would grab and hold lot's of viewers-that's the plan in the eyes of the producers. It's not what I'm interested in, but I play BG-have on and off for years. That puts me and the others here in a very small minority-which never works for TV or radio. Mass or broad market appeal is what sells.

So while I agree its way over sold and i'm board with it too(unless i'm in action) it still sells. That's why I made that obvious comment in the first place. I'm a marketer, its what i been doing for over 20 years now, mass marketing. I'm not my own best customer, for that matter i wouldn't buy anything I sell. I just know how to sell to the masses. I owned a boxing/MMA radio show in Vegas for years, did very well with it-I never listened to it once. I put the right talent on the air and I arranged for the best names in the 2 sports to be the on air guests every week for almost 9 years.

I know what sells games/sport- and that's drama or excitement. In contact sports they sell drama "I'm going to kick your ass" said one prize fighter to the other fighter at the pre-fight press conference. I dont see that working to well in BG. And certainly not a shooting at a BG game j/k, but sadly if there was such a event it would be in the news, top story.

Matchroom Sport managed to make darts(a pub game) exciting and its HUGE and growing in Europe now. Snooker and pool are dieing slow deaths, especially pool. Snooker is hanging on, China has helped with that. They create back stories on the top players and have a bit more subtle drama in snooker, pool and now darts(which is gaining momentum)than contact sport does-thats in your face drama and look at hhow many people watch that-millions. However back to cue sports and darts the subtle drama requires lots of events and time and show's to do-not one 60 minute documentary. Even F-1 sells drama, new motors this year, Red Bull may pull out of F-1, was there a crash? all drama. Drama=viewer's=success.

To make BG exciting in one documentary its is essential that something that mass audiences can relate to be built into the show, and for better or worse its action/gambling. A 60 minute doc discussing the "Legal moves" debate or who has the lowest PR is of no interest to a big audience. They wouldn't even know what it was about. That's why most successful sport follows the same formula, drama, hero's and who won what. Dice, darts, cues, cars, boxing gloves or cards it is all the same medicine in a different package.

The rags to riches would sell as well, a success story.

Some historical bits and pieces about BG and how its changed mixed in would be of interest to, and glamorous tournament's as well. But with out the drama of action infused around at-least 50% of the show it's a difficult topic to make exciting for those who don't play, or care to learn. If a big glamours tourney was present in the show then the "hero/winner" of it could be celebrated and that warms up audiences, everyone like to see the winner interviewed. and how much he/she won.....$$$ moves the world.



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