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A better clock for backgammon

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Monday, 9 March 2015, at 9:56 p.m.

For my upcoming challenge with Mochy, I insisted that we use a clock, as a big part of what I want to accomplish is something that is entertaining to spectators, particularly to the casual players out there that we hope to attract with a YouTube video. Fast and fun play and banter, and Falafel's commentary to shed some light on all of Mochy's errors and my brilliant play, will add to the experience.

Chris Yep contacted us and made a terrific recommendation. He is loaning us a special game clock that works like a traditional clock, but it has an additional feature. 3 seconds are added to the total time bank after each move. (It is a Chronos XG Game Clock).

That way we can start with a relatively short amount of time and play quickly, but if we get into a complicated game that has a tremendous number of moves, we still should have a reasonable amount of time to be able to give our moves some thought instead of having to end up playing speed-gammon.

Now, since we are playing money games, the clock starts all over each game, but I think something like this can and should be employed in match play. I am sure with some experimenting we can find settings that will assure that the match does not exceed a certain period of time but still allow some extra time for very long games.

Mochy and I will understand this better after we actually use the clock for our duel, but I think this is an idea worth exploring for the future.

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